1. Spanish word for fat.

2. Spanish slang for the Jackpot.
2. ¡Pégale al gordo! - Hit the jackpot,

- Used in lottery advertisements.
by the left-handed hombre. January 07, 2005
The best #@$#ing Mexican restaurant in the Bay!
-What'd you get man?
-Super Carne Asada with sour-cream and guacamole from Gordo's, you know!
-Aww shit, did it explode?
-Nah, I got the good guy, he wrapped that shit tight!
by bay area sav April 25, 2006
To cheat at the game of Jenga. Specifically by changing your chosen peice after attempting to remove it from the stack
#YOGO - you only Gordo once

Do you want to phone a Gordo?

Teoh doesn't f**king Gordo
by The P Train April 15, 2014
An moronic political leader in the Best Place on Earth, British Columbia.

Is a useless jerk who has done nothing for the people.

Is considered an insult to be called "gordo"
gordo is a jerk who does nothing for the people.
by rich_coleman February 11, 2005
To get Hammered or to Loose ones patience with persons or situations
I'm about to go Gordo on your a**

I got Gordo'd last night man
by fellow co-worker September 15, 2009
A Gordo is pulling an all night drinking fest, waking up next to a hot chick, turning up to the football match late and then getting sent off for vomitting on the ref.
Dave 'Hey you out tonight?'
Bill 'Depends, last week i pulled a Gordo'
by beavis halfwit February 10, 2010
A popular English dance which involves brushing one's shoulders and waving one's hands in front of oneself in a rotary manner.
Barry and Mair are dancing the gordo.

I love dancing the gordo and would definitely agree with the statement that the gordo is the best dance ever to be danced.
by JuPitEer December 01, 2009

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