Gord (Gourd) - A person who thinks they are cool but is really retarded and just a fag.
Anyone who takes pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors, and posts the pictures with Brand Names written along the sides.

Gord: "I know all of T-Pains lyrics."
Me: "who fucking cares!"
by Jimmie Pepperoni April 28, 2008
D-da bomb
wow that dude shreds!(gord)
by gord March 16, 2003
The athiests term of the almighty.
For the love of a Gord you say.

Oh dear Gord!
by Peter Howie February 24, 2005
the living embodiment of The simpson's "comic book guy"
"I'm a pretentious fucking nerd!"
by :tbear: March 16, 2003
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