Gord (Gourd) - A person who thinks they are cool but is really retarded and just a fag.
Anyone who takes pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors, and posts the pictures with Brand Names written along the sides.

Gord: "I know all of T-Pains lyrics."
Me: "who fucking cares!"
by Jimmie Pepperoni April 28, 2008
D-da bomb
wow that dude shreds!(gord)
by gord March 16, 2003
The athiests term of the almighty.
For the love of a Gord you say.

Oh dear Gord!
by Peter Howie February 24, 2005
self obessed
MC gordo
by annon March 16, 2003
the living embodiment of The simpson's "comic book guy"
"I'm a pretentious fucking nerd!"
by :tbear: March 16, 2003

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