A fart so disgustingly rancid that it can clear out a room. Friends and co-workers alike will run for the exits holding their breath or gasping for air.
1) I think someone must have Gord in here with the amount of casualties lying on the floor.

2) I walked in the room and everyone else was clawing their way out. It appears someone must have Gord in here.
by cantbreathe December 29, 2013
a shortened version of "good lord"
Gord, these are heavy!
by Chrekol July 02, 2005
Slang term for brain, head, mind.
Potent Cannabis will blow you out of your gord!
by SuperSonicX September 24, 2006
Stands for Gastro-Oesophageal-Reflux-Disease
Sir, you have f***ing G.O.R.D and you are going to die
by The noob...TEE-HEE January 02, 2011
1) Your mind.
2) That which you get stoned out of.
Person 1: "Why is John acting so weird?"
Person 2: "Because he's stoned out of his gord!"
by The Fry Guy March 12, 2009
The absolute most amazing guy you will ever meet. Has a bigger cock than Don. Everyone has a bigger one than Patty, it seems. Gary is a macho spear man. But don't forget. Gord is the man.
Gord is amazing
by Man Bat July 17, 2003
A one word term for pulling the chutes or leaving a party/function or group of friends early

gord(ed)past refence to have left
gord(ing)future refence, as in about to gord out
"this party sucks we are gonna gord out!"
"Why is Cade gording out early?"
"Sorry I gorded out last night, I had a headache."
by knobert11 March 03, 2009

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