an extremly gay person
"wow, look at those fags, they're so gooze"
by fhdhdh November 03, 2006
Top Definition
The Persian word for fart
also used when saying you suck/idiot/F*ck usually used in a playful term
you damn gooze! haha I love you
by TANYA69 August 15, 2008
moist flatulence
Hey, did you gooze?
by chester January 14, 2004
Gooze is slang for the drug GHB. Gooze is most commonly used in the gay circuit party scene and while the word is commonly used in the party scene all over the world, it was originally coined in San Francisco. It is both a verb and a noun.
Are you boozing or goozing? (v)

Do you have any gooze? (n)

I think I am going to gooze tonight. (v)

I have gooze, do you want some? (n)
by Snotty24 September 10, 2010
A gap where you always lose/drop things. Eg; down the side of the sofa, the gap between the bed and the wall, behind the fridge, any small gap.
"Where in spaff's name did the TV control go?"
"It's down the gooze."

"I dropped my phone and now I can't find it!"
"Check the gooze!"
by A. Cockage October 04, 2006
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