A combination of the words goo and the slang term: cooter (referring to a woman's vagina).
A descriptive word describing the state of a woman's labia after a male ejaculates on them and they begin to stick together.
Kelly had a very drippy gooter after Chris was finished with her.
by BLAM!!!!! May 31, 2009
A mixture of goober goofy a Great insult
Youre A Gooter
by Madelynn Jade October 28, 2008
a pinch of smokeless tobacco in somebodys lip
Pack that fucking gooter bro!
by gooterLM August 16, 2008
A gooter is anything and everything you make it to be...
"Ew Rhonda, don't touch my gooter!"
by Rachel September 10, 2003
GAY Out Of Towner.

That queen thinks "she" is so fierce, but honey.... its so obvious you're a GOOTER!! The hair, the pleated pants, the scrunchy socks, and let's not start on the one, dangling earring.
by GOOTER67 August 14, 2010
that spot between a mans gut and your pecker (relates to the gunt: or fat upper pussy area)
my boyfriend better shave his gooter cause im sick of pubes in my teeth
by chris delucia January 04, 2004

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