insecure geek
I have like finnaly managed to hook up with a female now i know every one wants to get into her pants especially all those guys that like talk to her they are just asking to be flamed on technoskape
by truth hurts May 16, 2003
The command given to admit defeat by the weaker of the two parties. Only will a true unworthy individual ever fathom saying this humiliating word in the presence of another person.
The whip cracked across her ass when all that could be heard after was,"Jebus Mike, Goose already!"
by mike April 15, 2005
the goose is the part of the body between your arse hole and your ball sac.
Gaz loves havin his goose licked by crazy geordie stalkers
by stu August 04, 2004
To ram a bird in the flange or mouth
"Ah mate I would proper goose her right in the face"
by July 25, 2004
some who has a weird shaped head and a long neck and a gigantic buttox like "Mother Goose".

ususally seen with a small vienna sausage like penis that stands up even with out being aroused, becuz of its small size.
When i was in the locker room, a goose tried to hump me.
by Rachel Ewald April 08, 2004
poking a friend with a goose shaped hand gesture as a show of love!
"hey goose* goose* "
"goose* you too"
by jossiander May 19, 2008
Goose.....pussy, vagina, and or snatch!!!
Yo girl let me get loose on your goose!!!

Oh baby!!!
by Mr.Pickles November 27, 2005
a dumb person
You a goose for sayin that!
by olivia July 28, 2003

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