A person Who can consume liqour.
He handled his liqour like a true Goolsby.
by Albert F July 23, 2003
Top Definition
large erection. big penis that originated in Ireland.
The man had a Goolsby.. It was so huge I shat myself
by John P July 23, 2003
A true fighter who can handle being jumped by a group of 10 or more.
Person A: Hey man, did you see that fight?
Person B: Yea, the dude got jumped didnt he?
Person A: Didn't stop him from kickin their asses.
Person B: Yea, he handled that fight like a Goolsby.
by Manly Man90e123 September 22, 2010
1. An insensitive douchebag who makes fun of people to feel enlarged to himself and females. Someone who lies... constantly. Manipulative freak. When he finally does get that girl he acted so hard like an ass to get he then creeps her out by his unfamiliar attitude towards conventional relationship actions. Plays hella video games and thinks he's the best at all of them.

2. A smug mean look based on emotional hatred towards oneself or his girlfriend.
1. "Hey man, that guy just gave me the finger in front of my girlfriend, then told her she was pretty."

"What a goolsby."

2. "That guy over there looks like he's having a terrible time."

"He's just a Goolsby, we should go cheer his girlfriend up, she looks like she's about to cry."
by alphaclown October 19, 2013
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