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Small neighborhood convience store, containing groceries, porn mags, drug parapharnilia, malt liquor and cigarettes.Usually the store will have gas OR cheap clothes, though never both. A true Gook Mark is owned by Asian people, but if it has all of the above supplies it still counts.
Man, I need some smokes and underwear, I'm goin' to the Gook Mart. You want anything?

....Yeah, Dude, get me a bong and a box of pop-tarts would ya?
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008
Your neighborhood corner store taken over by slanty eyes who work their kids overtime and don't speak english.
"Hey were out of smokes and beers, let's go to the gookmart and get some sheat."
by Littleolygirl September 15, 2007
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