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n. The chronological usage of Google to Wikipedia.

v. To search a subject on Google, then clicking the Wikipedia hit of said subject.

(Googlepedia-ed, Googlepedia-ing)
v. I googlepedia-ed Tom Cruise and found pretty much every fact about his entire life in one website.

n. Googlepedia is a very fast way to find semi-reliable information on almost anything in the world.
by Michael Fye December 23, 2007
1) V. A simple action/search that is done to answer a question that common knowledge would not regularly permit.

2) N. A reference to the vast amount of knowledge that can be obtained quickly and easily by either Google or Wikipediaor both.
Example 1 -
Person 1: Do you know what kind of spore grows on cheese?
Person 2: I don't know, let's GooglePedia it.

Example 2 -
Sophia: How did you know that The Beatles are the best band to ever exist in creation?
Mathias: Well I didn't need to use GooglePedia to figure that one out!
by TheNewLucilleBall November 26, 2007
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