the number 10 raised to the 100th power. is equal to a 1 w/ 100 zeros behind it for all of u dumbasses out there.
a google is a very large number
by Jay May 15, 2003
Google it!
Hey, what is google?

Google it!
by Bubbertheteddybear August 18, 2010
To ejaculate.
I'd Google in her face.

I googled the hell out of this chick last night.
by the.dp June 24, 2010
- where people from all religions, backgrounds, and places can graciously share their pictures for the entire world to search and pick through.
Whats a 1996 Ford Taurus Station Wagon look like? I don't know, GOOGLE it!
by llallla888 June 21, 2010
Something that we all wish that we had invested in stock back in the days.

We would be googilionaires.
Forty shares into google would turn into enough money to buy the USA.
by Terran12 June 11, 2010
Google it.
Not Yahoo!

www. google .com
by RomeoMyHomio June 03, 2010
the mutant offspring of an eagle and a goose. the google is a rare ugly species that is only made when the parents have drank many a moon shine and the yearly wild bird association extravaganza
"what the f*** is that?"
"why john, i believe that is a Google."
by plutonash321 December 21, 2009
Verb- To search using the greatest search engine on the web, or can be used to describe any ambiguous action that one can think of. To google can be anywhere from a sexual action to a happy yelp of joy.

Noun- Name of the greatest search engine ever created.
I googled in her face after we did it for three hours.

After the new COD game came out I googled in my pants.

I google with joy every time I get to see my neighbor punched in the face by his three year old son.
by CanadeanBacon November 22, 2009

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