the number 10 raised to the 100th power. is equal to a 1 w/ 100 zeros behind it for all of u dumbasses out there.
a google is a very large number
by Jay May 15, 2003
The first of a long series of search engine/internet database names that have become verbs. No one in the past told anyone else to go "encyclopedia" something, yet the google phenomenon has been applied to Facebook, Wikipedia, and various other databases. Someday, every means of finding out information will have its own verb, derived from the search engine or database used to look it up (except for Yahoo, that would just sound ridiculous).

Also makes one wonder what would happen if there were a major search engine called "Buttfuck." ("Buttfuck it."/"Buttfuck him."/"Buttfuck Tom Cruise"./"I Buttfucked you yesterday and a picture of a naked clown blowing a horse came up.")
Gertrude: "What's concurrent majoritarianism?"
Bill: "Don't ask me, bitch, fucking google it."

Other forms:

"That douchebag Greg Facebooked me yesterday."

Phil: "Who was that fucking guy from the 2nd Batman movie?"
Ralph: "IMDB that shit."

Thom: "What exactly IS a rusty trombone anyway?"
Johnny: "Fuck if I know, Urban Dictionary it."
by Manthan April 26, 2008
An individual who think, or someone else think, that they are one who knows almost everything there is to know.
She gets straight A's, I bet she is a Google.
by Olaf December 21, 2014
1. Google is a company made famous through its search engine. It also starts and purchases fledgling enterprises which make you say to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?” to the point that it seems as if they want to gain a natural monopoly over the whole software market.

2. People on webforums rejectingly tell you this company is your friend, and encourages you to ask Google instead of asking them. They apparently don’t know that everyone first and foremost asks Google when looking up any fact. Most people would not even find the forums they look for if it weren’t for Google.

In fact, Google is more than a friend: it is a woman. She is a mother because she seemingly is able to help you with everything. She is a grandmother because she wants to know all about your life. She is a wife because no matter how much you love her sometimes her idiosyncrasies gets on your nerve. She is a concubine because she stays around in the hope that you will eventually give her more. She is a girlfriend because she appreciates things farfetched and dear bought. She is a wench because you must woo her by being, or at least seeming to be, the best. But once you have her love and therefore also jealousy, then, oh, brave man!
Use Google, not “a” search engine, but “the” search engine.
by Likefigure March 23, 2014
The eye in the sky. The police, when something is suspicious and believed to be managed by the government.
That shit was so Google!
by Ck, Vincent Vega March 03, 2014
is to use a search engine to find information on the internet. Usually using
"I have no idea what tofu is!"
"Go home and google it!"
by Apple Butts April 29, 2012
google (goo-gle) - \ˈgü-gəl\ - adj
1. Having or being of no use.
2. Having an expected value different from the quantity or parameter.
3. Tending to yield one outcome more frequently than others.
4. Exhibiting bias.
“Those search results are google.”
“She ignored the data, her report is google.”
“That is his art, so his opinion of it is a little google.”
“The Judge donated to the defendant's campaign, so his ruling is probably google.”
by spreadinggoogle January 15, 2012
The answer to all your mother fucking questions.
Me: How do you give a handjob?
Her: I dont know! Google it!
by Kate figgen January 06, 2012

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