the number 10 raised to the 100th power. is equal to a 1 w/ 100 zeros behind it for all of u dumbasses out there.
a google is a very large number
by Jay May 15, 2003
Weird little girl stalker from next door. Likes to wear pyjamas and slippers while she looks in your window.
That weirdo googles is looking through the letter box again
by rennickman April 28, 2010
the effect of placing ones testicles upon another's eyes
by Bridget the midget September 13, 2003
IT or geek unit of measure. Similar to league or fathom. The number of Google pages down you need to find a particular result.
"I went looking for info on the ORIGINAL Clash of the Titans, man, that thing was 40 Googles deep!"

"I've been to the bowels of the interwebs...200 Googles down!"
by USMCStitch October 07, 2011
Noun: Goo-gles
1.) A pair of protective eyewear worn during science labs to protect one's eyes.These safety glasses are noun as goggles but are generally brighter in color and leave unsightly lines on your face

2.)Another way of saying or describing the traditional science eyewear of goggles, but differ in the size, googles are generally very large covering most of the upper and middle face
Teacher: Time to begin the lab children, Kelly and Kathy, put on your googles before you begin the lab

Kelly: Oh, almost forgot to put on my googles to protect my eyes from the acid
by T0pher8 February 03, 2010
The overlords
Google watches and tracks your every move
by xXILLUMINATIXx June 22, 2015
The best search engine of all time!
Google dominates the competition!
by frieknawesome44 September 08, 2012
Search engine of champions.
Use google to find any porn you need.
by doorknob2 August 07, 2012

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