the number 10 raised to the 100th power. is equal to a 1 w/ 100 zeros behind it for all of u dumbasses out there.
a google is a very large number
by Jay May 15, 2003
definition 1: God's gift for people whom can't spell shit.
definition 2: The answer to all of our problems
Alex: How do you spell ______?
Me: ....I have no fucking clue.?
Alex: Google time!
Me: YAY! So glad we have Google!!!
*both feel lame now*
by Bob the Trany(we love you!!) July 26, 2009
Verb; also 'Google' broken into its two logical parts, indicative of the websites a surfer goes and ogles at as a result of the search queries.
As she stared at the Google search results on 'pink underwear', I urged her to go ogle at the sites it threw up.
by Mohit Hira February 18, 2009
better than yahoo
Me: Google is way better than Yahoo!
Random Stranger: Yuppp...
by RANDOMMMM STRANGERRRRRR!!!! February 10, 2010
The answer to everything!
Person1: Why are we here? What is life? What is death? Who can defeat Chuck Norris?
Person2: Dude, just google it
by Robodrone April 09, 2010
A unstoppable empire of evil disguised as a popular internet search engine. Google has been effectivly taking over the internet superpowers that could help stop it's evil advance to global domination.
Dude 1: "did you hear Google just bought youtube?"

Dude 2: yeah, it's like Google's trying to take over the internet, one website at a time.
by Joes momma December 06, 2008
Where you turn when your parents won't tell you the truth.
My mom wouldn't tell me, so i turned to Google
by eLizardBreathe April 27, 2011
The Google Empire is currently the strongest "force" in the world which, since 1998, has influenced approximately 99.5% of everything. They were that "force" behind George Bush's election, 9/11, global warming, and the recent depression. Able to initiate any possible occurrence anywhere at the press of the button, your thinking patterns as you read this are being programmed by one of several "Googlites" located in a CIA-protected location. Since Google operates on all infants at their birth, all humans 12 and under are effectively bionic. Every tap of your finger against the computer, every breath, every blink is being initiated by someone who, after typing a length of code, beams that string of coding to the receptors inserted into your head at birth. These receptors translate the raw data into small actions carried out by your muscles. Since an electrolyte is pumped into muscles at birth, the receptor only has to transmit an electric current to that area, causing a twitch, which is what humans percept as movement.

And when they come in the night for you, do not resist. After surgery, it will feel completely normal and you won't notice the newest electronic equipment packed into the confines of your head and body. And yes, in case you were wondering, they do control your erections.
Guy to girlfriend: "Oh yeah, baby, keep sucking. Oh yeah!"

Googlite at Google headquarters flips switch to activate in-eye camera.
by π=3.14 April 20, 2010
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