A phrase often used to describe the innocent and not so innocent masses.

It's pronunciation is of the "blended", not pronounced as two separate words yet not as one word either. More like good-people
The good people of New York.

"Good people of Brunswick, this is your lucky day!"
by Sanga June 21, 2004
Used to describe people who are good
Your folks are good people.
by Nix & BL June 21, 2001
People that are deficient in evil
The evil of one person can often overwhelm good people forcing them to convert.
Hello, my name is Bob Smith and I'm a good person.
The evil of the government easily oppressed the good people.
by Anonymous October 09, 2002
people who are tan, blonde, and have white teeth. Oftenly used when speaking of weekends and or whether you hang out with good people or lame people. People who normally use this term are careless and apathetic about the things that will actually matter 2 years down the line. In other words, they are completely and totally self obsorbed.
"Oh MY god, I'm hanging out with good people this weekend, like Bridget Alonso. She is so cool, she goes out with Dunkin. The other day we were at school, and someone told her she had a DONK. She is really cool and goes to parties with her friends and shops at Hollister"
by I rotate tires November 12, 2009

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