A band that isn't full of posers. The band good charlotte the twins of Benji and Jule and Billy, Paul, and Dean. They aren't posers. Emotional is a real song about the Maden brother's father that left them and they're mom and sister. They are real. I love them I've been listening to them since I was 6 years old. Hold on is the best song about why you shouldn't comunit suicide. They talk bout real music. Don't bash on them!
Guy: Hey what music are you listening to?
Me: Good Charlotte
Guy: ohh...they are good whats this song
Me: Hold on. I love this song so much!
by <3emosuiaid<3 May 11, 2011
a band from my hometown (Waldorf)/Joel was a good person and used to go out with my best friends sister until he sold out for Hilary Duff, they HAD good music when the lived here but now they suck.
Good Charlotte was awsome when they played at MBP in their hometown, but now theyre just sell outs.
by Bri. June 22, 2006
A good band that is not neccessarily meant only for 13 year olds. It is good and despite trevor lancasters opinion other peoples taste isnt always bad.
Trevor lancaster: Good Charlotte r 4 14 yaer olds.

Erik: I, long with others, believe that they are a unique band that is not only for younger audience.
by Lol Trevor is silly February 26, 2011
1. a band that was good for one cd but then totally blew after that

2. a big waste of talent
Good Charlotte- wow we have alot of talent. lets waste it!!
by re co July 22, 2005
So I've been reading what people have to say about this band on here while randomly searching about and I just have to say are you people kidding me? It's music get over it, you don't have to like them, I used to like them but my tastes changed but that doesn't mean they suck. I mean honestly "posers"? What are you a bunch of idiotic children? Really? It's freaking music, people like all sorts of music. Just because you don't like them or the genre does not mean they're bad.

Grow up, people like what they like, get over it. And PLEASE stop using the word poser. It makes you all look like moronic children. I have the feeling most of you actually are children. Music is music, enjoy what you like, leave other people to enjoy what they like. Damn.
"I like Good Charlotte."

"Well I'm glad you like them."

Seriously people get over yourselves.
by WowFun77 October 05, 2013
A bunch of pooftas who wear too much make up (not that any amount is acceptable for men) and shot into stardom becuase of their long-term subscription to Cocmopolitan.
Jess: Good Charlotte are so sexy!
Caz: Hallucinating again.... *Whacks her over the head with the phone book*
by Cazisgreat October 09, 2005
it's just a band that plays pop rock... people, get over it. why do you care so much about a band who you say suck? so what if they are on mtv and in hot topic? you say you dont watch mtv and you dont shop at hot topic(cause too many "preppy" kids and "poseurs" watch and shop there), so it's not supposed to bother you right? i just think you are kids who need to get a life...so what if it's not your type of music, it doesnt mean it sucks...ever heard of beauty is in the eye of the beholder? same thing goes for music.

you guys are sooo immature....grow up
other bands like good charlotte include:
simple plan
new found glory
fall out boy
my chemical romance
and many others....
by a chick named stephanie April 24, 2006
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