A once awesome band that got a lot of MD high school kids through some tough times only to sell their souls to the MTV devil, thus destroying the hope they had given to so many loyal fans. Now adored by hundreds of 12 year old girls who get insanely pissy whenever someone accuses GC of selling out and yet have never heard their first album and have no idea what the band used to be.
On the east coast we ride until the day we die...dirty liars.
by NJM May 31, 2005
Good charlotte are one of the biggest poser bands to hit mainstream and to anyone that thinks any diffrent then explain
why they've changed there genre in every single album that they make

eg; first they were pop punk
then emo pop punk
then trying to be hip hop

and im guessing that its not a coincidence that the scene went from Pop punk to emo to hip hop
all they are is genre hopping poser sellout scum
they are disgraces to music...xx
good charlotte suck ass
by Brody 3060 October 04, 2007
The Gayest Fucking band in existence. headed by a castrated White guy who thinks he's black.
Person 2: (beats the holy fuck out of guy 1)
by AlbertG June 14, 2005
A good band that has been given a bad stereotype. They're not emo, they're not wannabes, and they're not in in for the money (which you would know if you were broad minded enough to find out about them).
They make music, people who like their music listen to it, and people who don't try and find as many ways as possible to insult them. GET OVER YOURSELVES.
Maybe you like them, maybe not, but truth is they do not whine about their life sucking like some other bands, their music (whatever genre it is) appeals to loads of people, and in the end, they will probably have a lot more people that like them than you haters do.
person 1: "wow, have you heard Like It's Her birthday by Good Charlotte? It awesome!"
person 2: "you like Good Charlotte? OMG FREAK."

me: "shut up and get on with your life, cause guess what? NO ONE CARES, AND THEY'RE MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU'LL EVER BE."
by XsunnyX March 07, 2011
Started out as a typical pop-'punk' band, playing songs about girls and "not fitting in". Soon, however, they took a cue from MTV and mainstream society, and became the same as everyone else. You say "Don't bash them for living their dream." I'm not. I'm "bashing" (Or, as I call it, being realistic) them for completely selling out for MTV and mainstream society.
Eyeliner. Trendy clothing. Horrible, plastic, processed music.

First, Good Charlotte makes your typical pop-'punk' anthems.
Then, a diffrent style of music becomes popular, so they make that type instead.
by Hitman_0789 January 26, 2007
Lame band(Need I say more?)
Random person listening to their music: Wow... this Good Charlotte... They really suck.
by MangoPunchStand!!! January 19, 2006
GC are a band from DC who were brilliant but then got too big, they play pop/punk music but are gettin way too pop for their own good.
their fan-base is a group thats 90% fake-ass teens and 10% true fans.
i for one love GC b/c theyre brilliant, but if they keep playin music like they are, im gonna h8 em, b/c honestly GC u could do WAY! better than that.
joel needs to go back to the original joel we know, the rest of the guys can go on like they are til the day they die but joel has got to change ASAP.
good charlotte-bloody marvelous album

the young and the hopeless-still brilliant, turning dodgy

the chronicals of life and death-(fake-fan)OMFG!...CHRONICALS IS THEIR BEST ALBUM YET!...OMG I LUV U JOEL!!!...CAN U TELL ME WHO PAUL IS?
by D.J August 28, 2005

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