a good band, that didnt sell out and the lead singer is very, very hot!!! dont believe the other definitions!!! they rock!
Good charlotte is my fave band!
by Rebecca March 06, 2005
i think they are the hottest group ever even though im not a "preppy teen"....who ever says there gay obviously hasnt listen to good charlotte
good charlotte is HOTT!!
by ~me~ February 24, 2005
the best fucken band to ever live! they will always be better than all other bands. all people who hate good charlotte suck big hairy nuts!
The best band to ever walk the face of the earth.
by amber March 28, 2005
A hot punk rock band. Joel, the lead singer is bangin! onCe Benji, his twin loses the nose ring...he'll be just as fine as well! they used to live in poverty, but made it big in 2002. they have 3 CDs out..the newest one is the Chronicles of Life & Death. Good Charlotte if u read this I luv u!!!!
The hottest punk rock band!
by x philly chickie x March 03, 2005
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