Plain and simple, they're a band.
Made up of Joel & Benji Madden, Paul Thomas, and Billy Martin at the moment.
Like any normal people, they shift and evolve in their styles and such. It's human. Each of them has a rather distinct fashion, ranging from brilliant liberty spikes to shiny hip-hop get-ups.
They're being themselves, exploring their tastes and enjoying themselves, trying on every look just like you did in front of your mirror. For GC, though, we're the mirror.

They're not poseurs, because they're only claiming to be Good Charlotte. Indeed their musical style's just teeming pop and punk and whatever. It's not quite so condensed into such nimrodical labels.
True, they sing about sucky lives while right now we'd all like to be in their place in a happy little mansion-type place, but they did used to be living their words. It's not like they've completely ground out all memories. They can relate to so many, because countless people these days lack money, lost a family member, whatever. It's not like you'd go and continue sitting in a cardboard box (hush up, obviously an exaggeration, don't jump on me yet) if you had the chance to totally improve your lifestyle just by doing what you adore.

No, they're not just MTV clones for preppy losers. I only know perhaps three people who like Good Charlotte. Everyone else simply despises them. And out of these people, I only know one closely -- one of the others, I know, used to be lovely and herself and rather preppy, but has succumbed to ICP and stereotypical black hair. But the one I do know does indeed lead a sucky life, but exudes utter love for Good Charlotte, plus many others who she genuinely appreciates, such as the Sex Pistols, Green Day, and The Killers especially. My friend's got a mom who recently broke her door she was so damn upset at "how fucking ugly your face is," an alcoholic father who doesn't hold stuff back ("Why the fuck are you dressed up like that? You look ridiculous, you look like a freak."), a whore of a sister. Honestly, very few people like her at school. Very few. The rest find her bizarre, don't get her sense of humor ("No, I am a lesbian." "From now on I'll call people who are idiots fruitstands, ha." "NO MEGAN NO."), disgusting, perhaps. She's definitely not pretty, not skinny, none of that. Plus she's currently living in a literal little trailer park. Fun.
What I'm saying is, go make your fucking judgments, don't soak up what you hear here, about the mindless hypocrisy and whiny attitudes of bands you most likely don't know a goddamned thing about.
"Wtf, Good Charlotte blows." -- someone who has heard perhaps one song, loved it, and discarded it because everyone else has (namely this guy Dylan)

"SHUT UP YOU FAT FUCKING WHORECUNT." -- the enraged reply of a certain someone to something along the lines of "What if Joel was hit by a bus?"

"omg benjy maddin is sooooo hotttt!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1111111111" -- the unfortunate imbecile's opinion
by Music = Life March 06, 2006
A pop-punk band that labels themself that. They are very ambitious and just like to play. They aren't in it for the money but their passion for music is incredible. The members are:
Joel Madden - Vocals
Benji Madden - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Billy Martin - Guitar/Keyboard
Paul Thomas - Bass
They have bad luck with drummers.

Some people like there music, and some people hate their music. Most people that wrote definitions for the band hated them with all their heart. But they must have some fans if their going to release their fourth album soon. Their albums are:
Good Charlotte (2000) - Epic
The Young and The Hopeless (2002) - Epic
The Chronicles of Life and Death (2004) - Epic
They have also done songs on sountracks for: Not Another Teen Movie, American Pie (Pretty much all of them)

Like them or hate them, they've been successful
Joel Madden: Hi, we're Good Charlotte, a pop-punk band from D.C.
Angry Fan: I hate you! You think you're punk but your not, you're pop-punk!
Joel: Uh, I know I just said that

by Doug June 07, 2006
a band that seems most of the population seems to fight over whatever music they do play, if its emo or punk, or something else. they also seem to have a lot of people think that they suck and complain when they could let the people make up their own minds.
they originated from the D.C. area. their drummers have changed over the years. made three albums. fourth one is in progress. band members - Joel and Benj Madden, Billy Martin, Paul Thomas.
one person- I hate good charlotte. They suck.
another person - they're not even punk.
third person - if you hate them so much, shut up.
by supergirl2112 June 07, 2006
a band that rocks! they have come a long way and their songs actually mean something.

(unlike lots of crap u get about having sex and grieviously injuring people because they arent 'cool' or 'popular')

call them whatever u want- they dont need any sterotyped label- they r just good at what they do and want to do good 2 the world- eva heard 'hold on' or 'thankyou mom' or read the thankyous in their cd covers.

2 ne1 who stopped likin them because joel started goin out with hilary u suck!

and i no lotsa u idiots out there h8 them because u dont want ur friends 2 think u suck- u suck harder.
person 1: good charlotte is the greatest band in existence!

person 2: yeh i was trying 2 kill myself until u told me 2 go 2 blastro and watch their 'hold on' clip. it changed my life.

person 1: lets go to their concert next time they come near here

Person 2: yeh!
by me-me-me October 14, 2005
A band that sings pop-punk. People say they are posers and only sing to make money. But who cares because they do make money. And unlike the pathetic people that make fun of them people actually like Good Charlotte. And they have a much bigger bank account. They could buy and sell your sorry asses. So shut up. :P
Good Charlotte rawx my sox.
by GC fan August 31, 2006
A wonderful band. despite what you people think they do care about thier fans. and so what if they wear black. and maybe they do sound like the backstreet boys but they arent hurting you so lay off. they are just a group of kids doing what they love. if you dont like it dont listen to it.
I love Good Charlotte.
by AndiPEACELOVE October 26, 2006
a GREAT band. yes, they have done some selling out but who hasn't (ex: nirvana, black sabbath, acdc, and many others) Good charlotte is quite prone to change their style of music but i consider that creative. i don't care if anyone else doesn't like them. that's ok. it isn't about caring. it's about being happy being yourself and people need to quit being mean about it. Good Charlotte = don't be mean
(nirvana, black sabbath, acdc)
by Amanda M. August 19, 2005

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