every punk/emo/whatever knows that before good charlotte became "popular" because of mtv and/or hot topic they used to like them. you know that you used to cry whenever you heard the motivation proclamation, and you were at the hfstival when they were first introduced, playing the festival song. good charlotte was very good before they became popular, and becoming popular wasnt their fault. just like afi, the offsring, my chemical romance, bob marley and other bands like that.
back in 1997:

guy 1: "i'm realistic and narsicistic. you say i'm selfish and aubsurd."
guy 2: dude, im going to see them **good charlotte** in concert this weekend
A band which I once suffered a horrid obsession for. Luckly now found the light, came to my senses, and now realise that they are a group of pop singers who think they are super punk and emo because they write songs about suicide and how they don't care what people think of them.
The lead singer thinks hes cool because he's dating Hilary Duff.
Poser: Hey, wanna, like, go to a Good Charlotte concert next month?
Poser 2: Yeah! And we can wear our studded bracelets and red and black pants that we bought at Hot Topic!
by KaylaBug August 13, 2005
When a lowly temp-to-hire lab tech does a line clearance for a lead tech.
Im going to need a Good Charlotte pronto, that line clearance isnt going to do itself.
by tinkerbelle September 16, 2012
I am so sick of people whining that i though i had to put this. Good charlotte is a band, yes we all know that. Some people dont like them, some do. I do, alot. But i am so sick of people putting on here that they are "whiners, and posers, and arent actually music, wa wa wa" whatever. and then they list bands that are what they call "good music". music is freakin music no matter who sings it. you dont need to catergorize them into punk, emo, or whatever, and then call them posers. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but good charlotte has come a long way to get to where they are now, and for you to bash them like that is awful. they are people too. would you like it if you knew 100's of people were calling you crap and posers and whatever else you can think of? no, you wouldnt. so give it a rest. they're a band, they play music. if you dont like them, ok, but dont waste your precious time talking crap about them. maybe go find something else that your actually interested in.
Good Charlotte is a band.
by .meg... September 15, 2006
A shit band full of twats they cant sing and can join busted and mcfly on the hall of shame.
Jeez good charlotte have to be 1 of the shittest bands ever.
by Kill GC August 30, 2005
A band that became popular through MTV connections and/or their appearance.
Kid#1: I love Good Charlotte they're so punk they're so much cooler than all those other pop bands.
Kid#2: Where did you hear them first?
Kid#1: TRL, oh, and in Hot Topic.
One of the worst sell-out MTV bands.
Girl: Did you see the GC concert?
Boy: Yeah it fucking sucked.
Girl: Yeah it did.
by Michelle S. August 06, 2005

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