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A funny way to seem like an insider and confuse girls - also an excellent conversation starter. Originating from Hockey and Soccer jocks. Said to someone in passing as if they had just asked you "how's it going?". Thus, in answering a question the target hasn't posed while simultaneously posing a one new, the target is rendered confused and rattled... and yet strangely aroused. However, if you are promtply met with a reply of "good, thanks!" you know you've met your match.

Works on: young women in any setting, noobs
Guy: "Good, you?" (as cute girl passes by him at a bar)
Girl: "Wha?-huh-wait-- I didn't say anything"
Guy: "Sure you did, you asked how I was doing"
Girl: *smiles*, conversation ensues
by socialist weasel November 19, 2011
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