A lewd sexual act associated with "alternative" methods of payment by customers, to expensive hairdressers - normally both male.

This is a non-specific term that covers a whole range of sexual acts - provided they fall within the context of the above transaction.
In relation to a balding friend receiving expensive hair replacement therapy -

"He's "gooching" his way to a full head of hair."
by Mark Jones December 01, 2004
Top Definition
The act of making contact between your gooch (the skin between your balls or scrange and your ass) and the head of a helpless victim. An aggressive attack.
He is tying his shoe lace- gooch him!. Get gooching lads.
by Ibrihima June 14, 2010
Chafing on the gooch caused by tight clothes. Usually associated with a low sperm count.
Josh enjoys wearing tight underwear so much, that he has learned to accept the gooching and lower sperm count that comes with it.
by MadTownC15 September 17, 2012
Gooching. The act of grabbing/rubbing two fingers on someones gooch area. can be done either sexually or as a means of punishment or beating up. Mythically it is possible to gooch someone until they jizz.
Lets gooch that new year 8 kid, hes a pinhead. Gooch him good he didn't pay his money.Ohh baby gooch me till i jizz. HElP hes gooching me!!
by jizzhead April 11, 2009
When a male on male penis docking goes wrong and both penis end up pointing upwards with the end result of their gooch's touching
Father and son at the beach
"Hey dad why are thoes two males standing so close in the water"
"They are probably just gooching"
by urban worrior hero March 10, 2014
During an argument, when someone repeatedly changes the topic to ensure they always win.
I was trying to make my point with this guy, but he kept gooching to make himself look good and win the argument.
by metlhead4life March 14, 2008
Verb: to gooch - to emulate ones peers in a feeble attempt to further ones social standing
"That kid keeps gooching Dan and its starting to get on my tits"

That kid acts so goochy
by Allen Smith-Jones December 02, 2008
Where your penis goes around your gooch and into your asshole.
I caught Logan gooching with Dr.Kelly the other day.
by Jack Mehoff May 03, 2005
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