Drink created by Goo, a character from the TV show my brother and me.
One plus one is always two!
Im Goo, and I got a drink for you!
Goo punch!
by The Bish0p July 27, 2006
-one large bottle of E&J
-3 liters grape soda
-one container of grape kool-aid
-half a gallon of vodka
-one 40(Colt 45)
-one scoop of N.O.-XPLODE
Make some goo punch!
by hansoulo May 21, 2007
yo0 nigga lemme get sum goo punch
by K schizzle February 11, 2003
"fisting" to insert a hand inside a womans vagina.
todd: "man after i got home from stacy's house i washed my hand for at least an hour"

scott: "why??"

todd: "goo punch"

scott: "oh i see"
by Cajun Ninja March 18, 2006

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