An All Boys School: Located in Washington, DC, Gonzaga uses remodeled apartment buildings. They are known for liking other men and losing to St. John's College High School (featuring Girls) in football, basketball, and baseball. Most students are characterized by their shaggy hair and flamingly homosexual ways.
Student: Let's go pick up chicks at an all girls school.
Other Gonzaga Student: Sure, let's hit up Georgetown Prep.
by CA April 24, 2005
Top Definition
Gonzaga College High School is catholic high school located 6 blocks from the Capital. They are called the Purple Eagles.

They pwn St. John's and Prep.
Gonzaga College High School.

Girl: Gonzaga guy are a bunch of pimps. Prep likes it anal, and do St.John's have guys?
Other Girl: No? I dont think they do?
Girl: Yea, i think your right.
Other Girl: Yea, and those Prep guys are a bunch of rich homsexuals that only get in because there parents are rich.
Girl: True.
by lacrossepwns27 November 13, 2007
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