(Go-wn) From Houston Texas Ebonics
To be on so much Alchole, That the have no comprehension, of time, and where the fuck you are at.
"Mann, I went to the club, Had some drinking with shawtie, and I was Gone."
by Nasir Nasty February 08, 2003
a way to say good bye or later at the end of a phone convo
caller1:i'm gonna holla at cha later then son caller2:alright then caller1:gone caller2:bet
by mike92oh January 22, 2004
a chinese word for FUCK can substitute the fuck. especially used in front of teachers

adjective:goning, gonish
noun: gone
man gone you teacher!!!

man gone mr. brown man he gives us too much goning hw
by rozesngunz May 03, 2005
A word used to describe someone who is ugly, idiotic, foolish, or anything that is unsuitable for your standards. It can also be used in the form of an expression, to show that one is tired, lost in a train of thought, zoned out, or one is leaving.
"Bro that girl at the mall was gone!"

"Alright I'll see you later man, I'm gone."
by apexlifee March 08, 2016
Totally wasted, can't remember what you were doing or saying because you are so high
I was totally gone last night, I don't remember that
by dmadds April 16, 2015
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