australian term, originating from the footy show, describing someone who dies, gets out in a sport, or does something extremely stupid.
A) Dazza: oh my god, Bazza died.
Shazza: Gone!

B) Dazza: oh my god, Bazza got out for a duck in cricket.
Shazza: Gone!

C) Dazza: oh my god, bazza cut himself playing with his knife
Shazza: Gone!
by splinter barberino January 09, 2006
im so gone
by tubsssssss November 02, 2010
N. Abbr. Gonads

An gland found in mammals that that produces gametes (reproductive cells). The gonads include the testes in males, as well as the ovaries in females.
1. Rocky Mountain oysters? That's just a bull's gones, isn't it?

2. Steve Irwin was a gonesy fella, it's a shame he was stabbed in the heart by a stingray.

3. Man 1: Dare me to kick that old fella in the gones?
Man 2: I would, but you haven't got the gones.

4. Woman: You'll never leave me, right?
Man: No, I'll stick with you like gones on a bone.
by JTR042 July 04, 2010
another word for please! mainly used in northern ireland
"gone" would you hand me over that glass
by x anne x March 21, 2008
"going to" or "about to"
"I'm gone holla at ya later, patna."
by JB January 26, 2005
An acronym for Guilfordites of New England. This term is used for the preppy,stuck up women around small New England towns.
Did you just see that GONE walking by with her Louis Vitton purse and her lime green ralph lauren cardigan?
by Samuel Paterson June 10, 2004
Ebonics for sayin "bye" while leaving a message.
Yeah, wassup. It's goin down tonight so I just wanted to give yall a headz up, aightz?? GONE!
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003

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