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Synonym for "going to"

See gonna.
"Bitch! You gone hit that or what, niggah?"
by Zor Prime November 25, 2003
12 10
Another word for high; (where your brain is after smoking marijuana)
That dude was so high, he couldn't even stand up... He was gone
by M-easy July 05, 2003
458 104
Drunk beyond recognition of whats wrong or right.
That guy at the party last night was completely gone.
by Jeff Hanson May 17, 2005
465 241
REALLY high on something.....
ayo i juss blazed a biggggggg headdddd manz is gone high off da lalala
by - September 17, 2003
165 86
to be dead, altered state of mind or bye
1)"he's gone and there's nothing you can do about it!"-John Gotti
2)"gone off that water water"-Master P
3)"i'm up out, i'm gone, ghost, later"-Dj Quick
by x March 06, 2004
136 87
adjective: beautiful and sexy and everything wonderful that girls can be (but generally not empowered)
used by Kerouac to describe the "gone girls" he meets in On the Road
by carrie November 23, 2003
124 92
(adj) Someone or something which has reached an absolute, final, or perfect stage, usually as a cool, fashionable, good or desirable thing. (Mid-20th century hipster argot; the idea is that the person or thing is so good it has left the party, town, or planet.)
"Man, she is one gone chick."
by Anarcissie May 12, 2008
55 32
not here anymore.
Justin Timberlake: "You're gone, yo-o-o-ou're gone, yo-o-o-ou're gone, you're gone, baby girl you're gone, I-I-I'm gay...oops I didn't mean that, really."

Redneck: "Where'd my house go?"
Other redneck: "Gone. I think your wife drove it to the city."
by Nick D April 02, 2003
88 65