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in spanish Lit means rubber. But in Belizean Creole it means "hang over".
Gial yoh me di lok like yu have goma
by el beliceno July 14, 2010
spanish for "gum"
mexican slang for opium
Nos gusta fumar goma
(We like to smoke opium)
by Felipe May 11, 2004
Used as e-mail signature when you don't want to receive any more stupid e-mails from the sender. i.e. instead of Regards, Unhinged use GOMA, Unhinged
by Unhinged April 07, 2015
Get Outta My Ass, rarely used on the internet, used by people in online guilds/clans when someone from a lower rank sucks up to you
Member: You are so good, I wanna be like you, oh my you are the best!
Clanleader: lol GOMA allready!
by Tactical April 03, 2004
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