true it is a cinammon schnapps with 83% alchol by volume... true it contains true 18K gold flakes... have you ever heard of the off-brand "gold strike"... it is 100-proof with all of the genuine gold flakes, but the slight disadvantage to you conscience of being priced much less than goldschlager...most state stores have it in stock (at least in the south)... u just have to ask for them to get out of the back room
as much as i like goldschlager, i think we can step up the party with that 100 proof discount version (gold strike)...yeah... take me home now
by jenn August 28, 2004
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Goldschläger is a Swiss clear cinnamon schnapps liqueur with 24k gold leaf flakes.
Yummy yummy yummy i got schnapps in my tummy
by KingTT February 05, 2004
Strong drink that tastes like big red and has real gold flakes inside. Drinking a lot tends to give you diarhea the morning after and causes you to wet myself.
"What is this shit? Big red?"
by jerryblank May 15, 2005
Goldschlager is a special, sweet, but not too sweet, cinnamon-tasting liquor, for those with the need for a big zing who want to celebrate the day, can drink in moderation, and do not mind some after effects.
I have been looking for a zing at end of the bottle of red wine for years. Sorry, Albany, NY, wine shop guy... I finally found the zing. It was in the Goldschlager all along.
by Darlene McPeek February 01, 2006
(n)- Cinnamon schnapps liqueur (40%) with gold flakes. Rapid consumption results in inebriation and eventual disorientation which eventually leads to unconsciousness. Upon consciousness, causes one to realize they are in someone else's bed in A/B with their pants 1/2 off. At this point, friends help one up and one proceeds with puking. Then there is more disorientation, eventually leading to another state of unconsciousness. Later the next morning, it is realized that stolen furniture polish was thrown out one's window.
J-Dawg, you drinking Goldschlager?
by J-Dawg January 28, 2004
The blood of Sayans. Drinking Goldschlager can cause a person to become Kakarot drunk.
Matt drank all the Goldschlager and now he's Kakarot Drunk!!!!
by DILDOZER THE ANAL REAMER October 04, 2011
Cinnamon schnapps, sometimes called Big Red because of the taste. It usually comes in long necked, large bowled bottom bottles with real gold flakes floating inside. The flakes are rumored to create tiny cuts in your throat and stomach, with the idea being that the alcohol enters the bloodstream faster and gets you drunk quick.
Z-tron and J got sliced on that little bottle of Goldschlager last night.
by Jon Read February 16, 2006
eating out a girl who is taking a dump and happens to be on the rag, then she takes a piss on you. a goldschlager is essentially a manhatten clamkin with a golden shower thrown in to boot.
you go down on a women who's ragging, while she's pooping, and then she pees in your face. the goldschlager is a variety of clamkin. also known as the "clamkin deluxe".
by Trivial Pursuer December 20, 2010
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