A woman who comes to your home, eats your food, sleeps in your bed and is still there when you get home.
Heather over there is my goldielocks. She comes over, eats my food, sleeps in my bed and is still there when I get home.
by Robert Blanco November 12, 2005
Top Definition
a female friend of gay men; more specifically bears, cubs and the like.
She's not a faghag, she's a goldielocks.
by Little Ms Red Riding Hood August 29, 2008
A girl with really blond, beautiful long hair. Hair which looks like gold. The words is taken from the childrens fairytale: Goldielocks and the bears, written by the brothers Grimm.
1. God, she is just like Goldelocks!

2. Oh my god, look at her hair! A goldielocks!
by diesel2usa October 25, 2006
It means Everything is all good.
Hey man, how's that burger? Aw dude, it's goldielocks.
by singndrum17 October 20, 2006
A woman who digs bears.
Bears turn my girlfriend on--but watching videos of overweight men with beards having sex doesn't really put me in the mood--who knew she was a goldie locks!
by Josh Noble November 30, 2007

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