The act of appearing sober in front of cops/parents/employers in order to avoid getting arrested/grounded/fired. Normally said by a less drunk friend to the more drunk friend to avoid the aforementioned consequences.
Drunk Friend #1: *stumbling around* Hey! Hey! You on the horse! Why dont you.... *continues mumbling incoherently*

Less Drunk Friend #2: Cory! Those are cops! I'm going to need you to golden eye for me buddy

Drunk Friend #1: Top of the evening to you gentlemen, beautiful night for a walk if I do say so myself.

Less Drunk Friend #2: Very nice.
by j2themfk December 01, 2011
It is a bleached anus. Antonym: Browneye
I finally got my girlfriend to get rid of her doo-doo brown butt hole. Now she's got a gorgeous Goldeneye I can lick all day.
by pour one November 09, 2011
As it relates to sexual intercourse, a "goldeneye" refers to the act of urinating into another individual's anus during anal sex.

For more information, see reverse goldeneye.
She was not pleased when she found out I gave her the goldeneye.
by mpx May 15, 2010
1. First Peirce Brosnen bond film. It was ok, but Roger moore still owns Peirce.

2.Name of the uber-shitty opening theme of the Goldeneye movie.

3. Possibly the best consel FPS in existence. Devloped by Rare, it had an awesome single player and an addictive multiplayer mode. Rare eventually came up with a "sequal" to goldeneye, the badass Perfect Dark. The devlopment team of goldeneye left rare, became Free Radical, and created 2 games based on an improved goldeneye engine: Timesplitters, a half-way decent PS2 shooter, and Timesplitters 2, an exclent shooter that feels alot like goldeneye
1. Peirce Brosnen sucks

2. Goooldeneye, i have his weakness!!

3. Dood, lets go play goldeneye!
by Pyro Maniac May 09, 2004
The best FPS game ever made!
Man goldeneye is a fucking good game

See perfect dark for another great FPS game
by derick nobcheese November 20, 2003
the opening of the urethra upon instantaneous commencement of urination. Most often female because the labia form resembles an eyelid and the pubes resemble funky lashes.
as she prepared to sit on my face, i thought all was weel and gooduntil i saw the dreaded golden eye!
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
Peeing in a sex partners brown eye (butthole).
How would you like to turn that brown eye into a golden eye?
by Braprider August 26, 2006

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