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Freezing your partners urine in a condom and strapping it to one's head and penetrating your partner with it.
In Aspen, after we ran out of firewood in the cabin, golden showers became untenable so we switched to golden unicorns and everyone was satiated.
by Attorney genital June 30, 2009
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Public urination with a "full erection"
Barry was really horny. He performed a Golden Unicorn in the mall fountain.
by stizzle kohizzle September 25, 2006
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1. A single woman that is drop dead gorgeous.
She is the type that all men dream about
yet unattainable.
She is the the type you see at parties, you go to talk to her, you blink, and she is gone.
Dude, did you see that golden unicorn at the party last night?
by maryjaney January 18, 2011
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When you urinate while experiencing an erection, causing a stream of piss to go straight up in the air.
Rich woke up with morning wood, but had to piss so bad he went Golden Unicorn rather than jerk off first.
by Sheetz October 19, 2013
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True natural blonde with a full 70's bush.
You know what I haven't seen lately in this time of shaved labias?

I need to find me a Golden Unicorn to complete my journey!
by JuicedFrank October 14, 2011
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