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The golden triangle or BWA (Bush Rangers with Attitude) first Originated in Australia in late 2005. Created by three friends who did exceptional well in a business studies assessment with minimal preparation, the golden triangle symbolizes that studying and preparation aren’t perquisites of success. The founding members the Fiji Giant, The hater and Iceberg, which saw them ride the wave of success which followed the establishment of the Golden triangle this golden age saw the founding members reaching god like status in their perspective fields. The Fiji Giant gathered enough courage to bum rush Mt Olympus with all the other titans again. The Hater won the Hater of Year held annually in Oakland by having sex with his best friend’s wife and getting her pregnant then not telling his best friend and making him raise his baby like it was his.

Iceberg enjoyed the most prosperity of the three, he grew the roundest and thickest amateur afro outside of Africa, it’s rumored that he had the ability too make 16 biros disappear in his hair. The icebergs craps game became the most baller shit going around and at the17th ESPN annual craps championship he rolled 77 sevens in the finals against Leonard Washington becoming a millionaire in the process, when asked by world press what he did with the money he answered“I bought my mamma a car, and spent the rest of it on PCP”.

Like all good things the golden triangle got to powerful and un-baller, it sold the rights to the name due to Icebergs PCP addiction and quickly cheap copies emerged. This was aided by the allusive glimmer man who sold and marketed it as a cheap birth control pill this quickly saw the once great Golden triangle become noting more then a forgotten memory.

The original Golden Triangle members still keep in contact and craps every other Tuesday.
Dam i didn't study for that business studies test and i till got 86% that's so golden triangle connection
by duck1791 September 20, 2006
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