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The Golden Pussy is a mythological artifact that some modern women are rumored to possess. To the bearer it grants the power to capture the souls of men despite all other outward features. Most often these items are grated to women who are physically and/or personally grotesque.

Men have been known to turn their back on all other personal comforts after mingling with this powerful object. Friends family and personal wealth become secondary. Affection from the host of the artifact become the one driving force in a man's life.
"Did you see that nasty looking girl with Larry?" "She must have a golden pussy"
#golden #pussy #love #sex #trust #ugly woman
by KingDou September 20, 2007
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift = Golden Pussy
#taylor swift #golden #taylor #pussy #slut
by Hellercheese December 26, 2011
The golden pussy is a women's vagina that is valuable and is not easily attained. She is beautiful inside and out, values herself and therefore men need to work for it. Possibly after the 10th date she will give it up if a man makes it to that many.
A lot of men are after her golden pussy, but few will get it.
#golden #pussy #sex #valuable #important #perfect #sacred
by MissGold June 29, 2011
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