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There are two ways of performing the Golden Pash

Method One: You directly pash(kiss) a females vagina or males penis while they are urinating hence getting a mouthfull of golden urine.

Method Two: While two people are pashing(kissing) a third person urinates on their heads and into their mouths so that they get the taste of the urine while kissing. This can be done as a prank or for general pleasure.
Method one examples:

"Can I give give you a golden pash?"

"Want to Swallow my piss?"

Method two examples:

"John, come urinate in our mouths"

*urinates on randoms kissing* "Shame! Golden pash!"
by Nob Cut March 10, 2007
a sexual act when giving oral sex to a woman and she urinates on your face, quite discusting.

similar in concept to a golden shower or a rainbow kiss, sort of.

Not to be confused with the fruit box, godlen pash which is a fruit juice drink that is quite tastey.
I was going down on this chick last night and the dirty bitch gave me a golden pash.
by 491 March 11, 2012