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A Colorado high school filled with fags who suck at football and enjoy vandalizing bleachers. Other characteristics of Golden High School students include: poor sportsmanship, stupidity, and behaviors not even remotely as cool as those of students from Wheat Ridge High School.
Wow, Golden High School lost to the infinitely better Wheat Ridge AGAIN.

As the principal at Golden High School, I can honestly say that Wheat Ridge kicks our ass in every way.

I am so embarrassed to be a student at Golden High School. I wish I went to Wheat Ridge High School.
by Farmer Fan November 27, 2010
The most putrid high school known to man. Golden High School. Plain and simple. Located in Colorado, with their mascot (the demon) they suck at all things athletic, academic, and skill related....which is pretty much entirely what life is... in addition to the fact that they suck, they are all complete weed eaters, acid trippers, coke snorters and penis suckers. The one thing that sucks most about their athletics is their lacrosse. Having not even any players mentioned in the state newspaper, or given a scholarship to a seriously sick D1 east coast college, they simply do not, can not, and will not have any future in hoping to become good. The Wheat Ridge Lacrosse team has many standout players that continuously recieve offers from those beast colleges on the east coast known for their outstanding lacrosse. Bottom line, golden lacrosse will never be as good as Wheat Ridge Lacrosse. Wheat Ridge High School is, and always will be, better than golden at lacrosse and everything else that golden tries to be good at.
Student 1: Hey dude, I'm thinking about transferring to Golden.
Student 2: Hahaha! Do you mean that one high school with the terrible lacrosse and all things skill related? Don't bother! Wheat Ridge is the studly school, go there, for all your greatest wishes will be granted, and alllll of the most wonderfully beast lacrosse you will ever play will be played there. Your son will have no chance of getting a college scholarship for lacrosse if he goes to golden.

Parent 1: I'm sending my son and daughter to golden high school.
Parent 2: Hahahahah!!! what are you smoking you dumb queer?!
by Lax bro 559532456874374824900 January 08, 2011
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