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A Golden Enema with a twist. Fucking her doggie, you piss up her ass without telling her. As soon as she figures out what is going on, you pull out and kick her as hard as you can in the ass, forcing her to fall on her face and spray the contents of her ass into the air.
Is the definition not enough?
by Sawbuck April 14, 2005
Being Pee'ed on by multiple men at one time, like the centre statue in a fountain.
Raj enjoyed his watersports, so he asked Mike, Matt, Dave and Bob to pee on him while he posed like Micheal Angelo's "DAVID". He was the centre piece in a "golden fountain".
by poot123 February 09, 2014
Takes place when a guy passes out on his back at a party with a hard-on and a full bladder. When he comes to and sees an attractive woman walk by, gives her tribute with a golden fountain of urine as high as it will go.
Billy must have had a great time at the soiree; he gave Linda a golden fountain as he lay in the lobby.
by mytwosenseworth May 21, 2013

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