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A Hartford Heroin Wax Paper Bindle with ink stamp. Thus, being all Goldbagged out. One who aquires and uses the goldbag is thus referred to as a Goldbagger. The term originated when JT. was rolling a joint of primo cannabis sativa with black tar heroin being rolled into the cigarette. He handed it over for ignition and brilliantly stated "It's like that Goldbag shit you used to do." The term has transformed and been used synonymously with intoxication. The Goldbag Hour is referred to as a nod, quick passout, or powenap. Goldbaggers are typically hippie bikers. The Goldbaggers Union is International, Local One EHGBA.
Goldbag it up!-Lets get fucked up.
I am all Goldbagged out! - I am inebriated.
She is Goldbagged out- The bitch is unconscious.
You Goldbagger! One who is foggy eyed and fried.
Goldbagger-A successful Mercenary Stagehand, when the money is gone-so are we!!!
by Goldbagger January 17, 2010
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