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a can of Busch beer. The top of the can is gold in case you didn't know
I cracked a couple of gold tops in class today just to keep me fresh.

Yo olo pick me up a 30 of gold tops.

Gold tops are cheap and delicious.
by Olof Carmody January 28, 2008
a can of cheap and delicious Busch beer
Stupid Person: Yo dude pass me a Busch

Smart Person: Yeah but it's called a goldtop

Stupid Person: Goldtop?

Smart Person: Just look at the color of the top of the can

Stupid Person: Oh I get it. I'm sorry for not calling it by its proper name. So let me get a goldtop bro

Smart Person: No, get your own shithead
by Olof Carmody June 09, 2008
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