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US Corporations are emerging as the new religion of the 21st century. Bow before the alter of finance, power, greed and corruption - where monetary policy replaces prayer, and redemption arrives only when Wall Street results exceed analysts' expectations.
CFO: "If we can successfully promote 3,800 full time staff to the Adaptive-NS contract position of consultant resource specialist before the end of the year, we should easily beat the street, and I have every expectation this will be reflected in the common stock - well before the "B" Options expiration's date."

CEO: "That means a bonus equivalent of almost 25 million before the end of the year? Am I correct?"

CFO: "Yes sir. Indeed, you are correct."

CEO: "Well then, let's get those staff "promotions" completed before the holidays. Can you do that?"

CFO: "Yes sir. I already have a meeting scheduled with HR."

CEO: "Gold Bless America!"
by HR Adaptive-NS Consultant October 13, 2009
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