(also known as kakarot)
wife:chi chi, father in law:ox king, sons: gohan, goten, daughter in law:videl (see devil), granddaughter:pan
expressions:clueless, happy, pissed
temperment:happy, loving, hungry
(goku may seem a little dim, but he's alot smarter than he lets on)
loves:food, everyone who isn't evil personified, food, fighting, food
distinguishing features:spiky hair, tail, 'that son grin' ^_^
goku is hated by: villans, vegeta. and jealous little boys :P
goku is loved by:everyone else
see monkey, do monkey ;D
by mumpy December 10, 2004
An anime char from DB, DBZ, and DBGT. A powerful but dumb as a hick hero and fangirls love him so much they write unlikey yaoi relationships with vegeta?
Goku did'nt finnish off cell.
by anime fan December 30, 2003
To power up like a saiyan goku while forcing out a poop.
"Dude I'm so backed up right now, so I think I will go goku."
by Dont_be_that_guy January 23, 2015
A powerful representative of a video game or TV series.
Goku- Goku of Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT
Charizard- Goku of Pokemon
by Anonymous900000000000000 June 19, 2013
the epitome of awesomeness and strength...
boy1: No one can beatSuperman.
buy2: what are you talking about, have you seen Goku over there.
by The Boy on the roof... May 18, 2016
Famous monkey boy Japanese legend and, who is revered by otaku fanboy geeks, is the main character of the original DB and DBZ. His saiyan name is "Kakarrot", although only the true geeks refer to him by that handle. DBZ is one of the most famous manga/anime series ever, especially in the United States. He turns into a huge-ass ape when he looks at the moon and won the runner-up award for "Most Constipated Looking Anime Character", only second to the ruthless Vegeta.
Goku: Vegeta!! These Senzu beans give me a funny feeling in my stomach! I think I have to shit!
Vegeta: Deal with it. The saiyans on planet Vegeta had to shit in ten times the gravity of this puny, miniscule planet!!!
Master Korin: You didn't take those laxatives, did you, boy?
by kaio ken x4 February 02, 2009
A character from the well-known series Dragonball (Z, GT, Kai)... An alias of Jesus, in popular culture, but his popularity is actually very overrated.
Person: Hmm... What's another name for Jesus?

Retard: GOKU!

Person: ...no, I seriously wanna know, you retard.
by Ami-chan August 01, 2010
A faget who can never beat Superman.
"Lol did you see Goku lose 2 in a row in Death Battle? What a loser!"
by LeopoldTheBrave August 13, 2015
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