(also known as kakarot)
wife:chi chi, father in law:ox king, sons: gohan, goten, daughter in law:videl (see devil), granddaughter:pan
expressions:clueless, happy, pissed
temperment:happy, loving, hungry
(goku may seem a little dim, but he's alot smarter than he lets on)
loves:food, everyone who isn't evil personified, food, fighting, food
distinguishing features:spiky hair, tail, 'that son grin' ^_^
goku is hated by: villans, vegeta. and jealous little boys :P
goku is loved by:everyone else
see monkey, do monkey ;D
by mumpy December 10, 2004
A character who all people want to be like. Ability to transform into every type of Super Saiyan. Strongest character ever thought up. Most awesome guy ever in the history of anime and manga. Main protagonist of DB/Z/GT. Also puts a whole new definition on masculinity, in league with Captain Falcon, Chuck Norris, Tenga Toppan Gurren Laggan Attacks, and of course other DBZ characters
Goku is so awesome, I want to get buff too
by mo-mo guthrey December 18, 2009
The famous and probably one of the most remembered Anime Characters. Goku in Dragonball was a young saiyan boy who was born on planet Vegeta. When his father had a sudden psychic moment he saw what was going to happen on Planet Vegeta and saw the fight with Freiza and his son. Thus trying to save the planet instead swallowed up within the planet by a huge Energy ball. Only the following saiyan survived: Goku, Brolly, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa. In a last ditch effort to save his son, Bardock, his father, released his pod to earth. Frieza not thinking it of a threat ignored the pod and let it travel. Goku's main goal was supposed to be to DESTROY the earth but a bump on the head caused him to forget his cause, thus being picked up by a kind old man named " Gohan. " The man named him Goku. When goku was with his grandfather, when the moon was out, he turned into a Giant ape, known as an Ozzaru. He stomped upon his grandfather. Growing up, Goku had enemies but soon made friends with them. His brother Raditz returned for Goku or as he called him " Kakarot. " With the help of King Piccolo, Goku was able to defeat Raditz but at the cost of his own. A few years later 2 even more powerful saiyans Arrived. With the help of the Dragonball's goku was brought back to life. Krillin ( His best friend ) and Gohan ( His half earthling half saiyan son ) Battled but lost. When goku fought nappa, nappa was easily defeated. When Nappa asked Vegeta to help him, he was completely obliterated by Vegeta. When goku fought vegeta, it was a long battle that started a forever lasting friendship and a bitter rivalry. With the help of a technique, Vegeta turned into a giant Ape, Almost killing Goku. When Yajirobe, a friend of Goku's, cut of Vegetas tail, it could not grow back thus turning back into his orignal form. His son Gohan, turned into a Giant ape as well, even though Vegeta managed to beat Gohan, Gohan landed on Vegeta, crushing him, and forcing him to retreat to his pod. Krillin, wanting to kill him. Almost succeeded but Goku told Krillin not to. he did as he was told. Later when Goku recovered they Traveled to namek in order to revive some of there fallen comrades, Dragonballz were located on namek and gave the ability to Grant 3 wishes. But evil was afoot, Frieza. Vegeta lost his life. When goku Charged a spirit bomb and Frieza was "Seemingly" Destroyed. He emreged completely whole. Shooting an energy beam at Piccolo, Piccolo was rendered helpless. Then using Telekinesis she blew Krillin to bits. When Krillin was blown apart and killed Goku snapped, thus revealing his true Saiyan powers. He transformed into a Super saiyan. Frieza feared this the most. Many people believe Goku is the legendary super saiyan because he was the first is over 1000 years to become one. Not true, later one another saiyan Emerges named Brolly, and he transformed before goku. In fact it was on the day of his birth he did. Later on, much later, goku was Transformed into a Kid by the black star Dragonballs. Yet his power still remained. Thus he fought more enemies but with a new power. Super saiyan 4. Goku's Favored Techniques are. Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission ( Teleportation ) And Kaio-ken. Also a few from his friends like Solar Flare, and Destruco Disk. A few of his own, like the 10X Kamehameha, and Warp Kamehameha plug the Super Dragon Fist, though rarely seen in the cartoon. Goku's Soft happy personality is one that has cost him a few battles but yet made up for it in extreme powerful battles. IN the last Movie of the Entire Dragonball DBZ and DBZGT series, everyone is Dead. Goku, Gohan, everyone all except his granddaughter Pan who has a son named Goku, named after her grandfather. He carry's on the legend of Goku...
Goku: Here, let me teach you a thing or 2 about super saiyans. Starting with the basic. ( he is saying this to an enemy in the Majin Buu Saga. ) What your seeing now is my normal state.
This is a super saiyan.
This is a super saiyan that has ascended past a super saiyan. Or you could just call this one. Super saiyan 2.
AND THIS! is to..Go even further beyond! ( 3 minutes of screaming lead to Super saiyan 3. )
I'm sorry that took so long...I haven't had much time to pratice this transformation. This is what I call a super saiyan 3.

Raditz: Where is your saiyan Pride Kakaorot?!
Goku: My name is Goku, and I'll never join forces with you!
by Sifu Gohan. July 22, 2006
the main protagonist of the anime series Dragonball Z
Goku is the first Super Saiyan in 1000 years
by lazynretarted June 09, 2005
noun, verb, adjective, s(m)ex

1. Having a huge appetite
2. Being extremely Loyal
3. having qualities of extreme cuteness
There was a little boy that came into work and his features and attitude just SCREAMED Goku
by Yasuragi June 04, 2004
Character in the anime Saiyuki...means 'one who sees the effemerable nature of life'. He likes to eat a lot and his quote is 'I'm Hungry'. He is the strongest person on the show
Goku kicked Homura's ass.
by dave February 26, 2005
Goku is a Saiyan and the star of the Animes "Dragon Ball", "Dragon Ball Z", and "Dragon Ball: GT" No matter how many times he is killed, in the end, everyone else proves useless and he has to save the day. In fact, from day one, the writer of the Dragon Ball Manga made a rule that in the end Goku magically comes back to life (usually bending some rule that's already in place) and saves the day. He is known for his extreme transformations into a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and the Over-powered Super Saiyan 4. He also is remembered by his trademark "Kamehameha" wave, and his huge appetite.

Oh, and his power level is over 9000.
"Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his (Goku's) power level?" - Nappa
"It's over 9000!!!" - Vegeta

Vegeta and Nappa's conversation in relation to Goku's rising power level.

"Goku hath power level over 9000"
by Uchihasblood July 29, 2008
Guy that pwns Vegeta sorry ass all the time.
-Vegeta: I have to be stronger than you! you can't be stronger than me! bla blah blah...

-*Goku yawns*

-*Vegeta dies*
by That guy! look! January 08, 2008
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