No one knows what it means, but its provocative
"They're going gorillas" " I don't even know what that means!" "No one knows what it means but its provocative!." "Its gross" "It gets the people going!"
by dnikki2012 December 19, 2011
No one knows what it means.

But it's provocative.

It gets the people GOING.
"Got my niggas in Paris, they be going gorillas."
by Apocryphallanx December 12, 2011
What Kanye West's niggas do when they are in Paris.
Got my niggas in Paris
And they going gorillas, huh!
by themethod March 01, 2012
Crazier than going apes. A more extreme of going apes or going ape shit. Can be used to be very angry or expressing to be very excited as long as its more than going apes.
I go apes over chocolate, but I am going gorillas over these chocolate covered strawberries.


Mike - Dee is going go apes when she sees the mess you made in her room.

Victor - She will be going gorillas when she sees that I vomitted in her closet too.
by kaleber October 09, 2011

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