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Act of telling your friends that you dont want to hang out because you're going to your grandmas house. But your really sitting at home cybering with a 40 year old man named Spike and playing Japanees Video Games.
Sorry Paul I cant hang out, Im goin to my Grandma House.
by TSM April 05, 2005
21 6
The act of telling your girlfriend that you're going to your grandma's house, but really opting to stay home all night masturbating and playing video games.
"I'm sorry Grace. I can't do anything tonight because I'm going to my grandma's."
by Rabix April 02, 2005
51 12
The act of first dating a hideous girl with really hairy arms and then ditching her to maturbate and play video games.
"Grace, have you looked in a mirrior lately? You can't get anyone else to go! Besides, I'm going to my grandma's."
by chefpaul April 06, 2005
22 11