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To go absolutely spastic or attack and defeat a large group of opponents singlehandedly as Mel Gibson does in the movie "the patriot" where he kills at least 12 Redcoats in a rage with a tomahawk and a knife.
Example 1.
Guy 1: "Man, who do you think would win out of a fight between Chewie and about 90 stormtroopers?"

Guy 2: "What the fuck? Like you even need to ask. Chewie would obviously go all patriot on their arses and win. I don't think he'd even need weapons, hand to hand."

Example 2.
Man 1: "These guys came up to me and tried to solicit me for sex, I went completely Patriot on them."

2: "I told you this would happen when you wear a dress and stand on a street corner."

Example 3.
1. "That dude stole my drink, im going patriot"
by timmy_222 July 19, 2009
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