when a male ages 18-29 becomes erect in sexual manner. Referencing to a unripened green banana, and how it is harden.
Joe was living with a yellow and brown, until he spotted Krissy and began to going green.
by Joerisdre Glitdi September 08, 2010
A night in which one drinks a 40 of Micky's, smokes a blunt, then proceeds to use Roto-V to hide the red eyes and chew spearmint gum to conceal the smell of alcohol.
I'm going green tonight. I don't think my mom will even know.
by Doctor Keneth Noisewater December 10, 2008
Putting weed into your shisha pipe in order to get high.
Ruairi: Do you wanna go roll a joint, or do you feel like going green?
Andy: Let's go green, I'm in the mood.
by A-D-G July 05, 2008

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