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The obviuos presence of God, in what classically has been termed coincidence, in which there is no plausible explanation.
Prior to the death of my Godmother, I visited her. She had a lemon tree that had had very few leaves and was dormant. She wanted to get rid of the tree, and I said to her, "mark my words, this tree shall bear fruit, keep the tree.". Eight weeks later on the death of my godmother, the tree was in full bloom bearing mature fruit... I looked at that tree and said now that is a Godincidence.
by Lizabid April 07, 2012
An event that may be a coincidence however it could have also been the result of a prayer.
Guy #1 - "I prayed last night that I don't have to do that quiz"
Guy #2 - "What a Godincidence, the teachers' car was ruined and won't get here on time to do it"
by Stuart Davies October 29, 2008
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