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Derives from Call of duty 4 to Call of duty 5. Explanation to when someone accuses the other person of using a modded controller to shoot ub3r fast. the person with " God Finger" has extreme reflexes with his trigger finger and shoots extremely fast with out the use of mods.

Modded controller is used in call of duty 4 and call of duty 5 to shoot a single shot gun as a automatic fire rifle
Whining noob: Ahhh you stupid ass whole stop using a modded controller.

Pro gamer: Dude i just have godfinger get over it...

by LIL DAWG DRE /Gamertag for XBL February 17, 2009

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you have god fingers when:
1. you can play the guitar or piano very well
2. you're very skilled at a computer game and types really fast
3. you finger a woman very pleasurably. you know the tricks, the pace, the motions
1. that bassist has god fingers!
2. look how fast his fingers tap that keyboard and click the mouse. i'm no match for him in denying and last hitting creeps he has god fingers
3. mikko has god fingers he made me cum last night
by mieke12 December 16, 2010