As said by Steve-O : "Plural. Noun. Two cum dumpsters who got sick of buying their own drugs."
"Like at those 'goddesses'"
by AshMae1 September 21, 2011
Your mom...
Nuff said, I think?

You : bla, bla, bla, Aphrodite is a greek ancient goddess and bla, bla, bla...

St-Ban : You know who's a goddess?

You : Hera?

St-Ban : Nope.

You : Athena?

St-Ban : Nope.

You : Then who is, you ignorant prick?

St-Ban : Your mom. Especially in bed.

You : I hate you.
by St-Ban May 17, 2010
A girl so out of your league you don't have a chance with her.
She was a goddess and I was only a peasant.
by Typ3 June 27, 2016
Used to describe someone who you think is amazingly attractive, sexy and fookin awesome and you want in their pants bad.
Hey, look at Gigi over there, man Id tap that that ass anyday, she is a goddess.

Boy1 - I think I just saw a Goddess
Boy2 - Yus, your just saw Gigi
by PopandCrack April 26, 2011
"Goddess(es)" -noun (plural). Average looking prostitutes; Enablers.

Translated from The Charlie Sheen Dictionary.
These goddesses are getting expensive but as long as I'm winning and my heart pumps tiger blood, I will keep banging them.

- Charlie Sheen
by Bad Ass Frank March 03, 2011
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