This is a phrase that I like to say, but I don't do it all the time like the Democraps accuse you of, trying to say you're a Christian religious fanatic and/or a redneck. If any of you real Americans out there like me get criticized for saying this, just ignore them and pay them no heed. They don't know what they're saying, and they certainly aren't thinking straight.
I'll say God Bless America all I want, and I will never fear to say the word "God" whenever I wish.
by The Kentucky Yankee February 14, 2005
A phrase that is hated by douchebag atheist liberals. Yeah, God forbid we mention His name! Whoops! I just did it again back there; God I'm such a bible-thumper (sarcasm).
What is wrong with saying God Bless America?
by Union Soldier February 14, 2005

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