The supreme being that is omnipotent and omniscient. Since he is omnipontent, he has the power to create a stone so big that he himself cannot lift, and at the same time he must be able to lift it. And since he is omniscient, he has the power to know everything, even what you will do tomorrow, thus, you have no free will.
God is a self contradictory idea.
by FreeThinker07 July 20, 2004
the hottest engineer, programmer, physicist, artist, and mathematician this universe has yet to achieve a sorry clue about.
"I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world." -A. Einstein
by C February 22, 2004
Acronym - g.o.d.s.

Gays On Disability and Steroids
Did you see the two g.o.d.s. at the gym yesterday? I'm betting they voted Schwarzenegger.
by Kiki June 07, 2004
is thought to be similar to adan
oh my god, is that adan??
by adan January 06, 2005
Someone who is real. I gaurentee his existence.....

The only reason i now believe in god is because Jesus himself came to my house last night. He slapped me with his slippery, flopping cock while i was taking the trash out. He then molested me and said if i told anyone hed kill me! I agreed not to tell but he didnt believe me so he pulled out his rusty looking filet knife and tried to gut me with it! I took off and was shot several times. Thats the last i saw of him......
hes real! repent sinners for you may get a cock in the head if you do not!
by da hood' November 20, 2004
The all-powerful being who created the universe.
Look guys I'm not forcing you to believe in God but if you do you'll be saved! (It's possible to be saved without believing in God I'm sure just so long as you lead a good life)
A tool used by those that hold power to control the masses.
God is nothing more than a figment of your imagination.
by fedzMONKEY July 01, 2003

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