the supreme being; the father almighty creator of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen
Everyone has the right to worship their god
by Will February 22, 2005
a prefix used to emphasize words and/or phrases
god-dammit, god help us, god hates you
by Gerardo (rico suave) May 08, 2003
A supreme, infinite being who Atheists and others continually try to disprove yet always fail.
You cant disprove it so lets all just agree evolution isnt fact.
by Fishbap and Cheese April 30, 2005
The one and only true god, which does exist, and originates from the book of Genesus, if you chose not to accept him and his son then you will burn in hell for eternity.
I think all you atheists and sinners need to read the book of genesus for some "real" truth.
by mookeyman March 20, 2005
hes real and he's my saviour
all you others guys that pay him out suck
warren is gay
by warren is gay January 17, 2004
someone not as stupid as anyone who has posted for this word, god doesn't exist..great, stop bitching about it and move on with life you little wannabe rebellious teenage fags
ohh wow god doesnt exist, tell me 50 times on this site please!!
by damn June 07, 2003
(Noun)A term used generally up in The New York/New Jersey region and is the slang equivalent to son or dawg.


A deity.
"Aiyyo god, stop playin' wit me"

by Ronni September 02, 2004
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