The all-powerful being who created the universe.
Look guys I'm not forcing you to believe in God but if you do you'll be saved! (It's possible to be saved without believing in God I'm sure just so long as you lead a good life)
A tool used by those that hold power to control the masses.
God is nothing more than a figment of your imagination.
by fedzMONKEY July 01, 2003
The Father of the Universe who created everyone whom we should all thank. The supreme Creator. The Judge at the end of days.
God lives in Heaven and sent His Son, Jesus to earth.
by JsusFrk January 05, 2005
A hight power who created the heavens and earth with all its inhabitants.

Someone who athiests dont understand because they are ignorant to others beliefes therefore they make themselves feel better by insulting him and being all around Stupid Fuckbags just because they had a bad experience in their life making them think that the Omega one doesn't care but they don't realize that everything happens for a reason.
Athiest: god isn't real, because my gold fish sally died *boofuckinhoo*
Christian: hey fucker, you know every gold fish has an average of about a week to live maybe you should have thought about that before you went and bout dying fish.
Athiest: it's still his fault
Christian: w/e fucktard
by fuuon April 02, 2006
A god is a person that slangs drugs on the street corners....Mentioned a lot in Nas songs...
"Gods on every block, that bitch didn't want to fuck with a god"
by G-Unit Gorilla May 03, 2005
A spiritual deity who balances all of life and judges all. If you make fun of Him, he'll probably kill you and send you to Hell.
Oh God! Please don't kill me and send me to Hell for making fun of you!
by Sean August 13, 2004
1. love
2. everything that is good and pure.
God is love and love is God.
by brian January 15, 2003

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